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Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten Carbide Education: What is Tungsten Carbide

"Unique in appeal and strong by design, tungsten carbide is a forged metal with qualities that will last a lifetime"

tungsten carbideTungsten carbide (WC) is durable and hard, it is four times harder than titanium, ten times harder than ceramic and twice as hard as stainless steel, so it cannot be resized. Tungsten carbide is a forged metal with qualities that will last a lifetime, it is created from an alloy of elemental tungsten combined with carbon alloy.

Tungsten carbide is main made by the tungsten elemental that is a hard and dense metal, with a high melting point, science and geology buffs might recognize it as W on the periodic table of elements. However, when it is combined with carbon alloy, it transforms into new metal tungsten carbide.

Tungsten Carbide Jewelry

Tungsten carbide is one of the coolest metals on the jewelry market, special in tungsten rings, mens tungsten rings and mens tungsten wedding bands. Because this is relatively new and most popular metal to be used in men's jewelry.

Tungsten carbide rings and jewelry are made from the material tungsten carbide that is created from an alloy of 85.7% elemental tungsten and 14.3% carbon alloyed with other metals - TC.857 (TC.857 Regared as European Union Standard). Tungsten carbide jewelry with stone settings cannot be changed and designs are permanent, so select tungsten carbide jewelry with style aspects that you will enjoy for many years.

Tungsten carbide jewelry is 4 times harder than titanium jewelry, five times harder than ceramic rings and twice times as hard as stainless steel jewelry, so the jewelry made by tungsten are virtually scratch-proof. And because all TungstenRepublic's tungsten rings and tungsten wedding bands are comfort-fit, you won't ever have a reason to take it off.

Tungsten Education and Guides?

Why choose tungsten carbide - Tungsten carbide jewelry become more popular for men and women, it is ideally suited for someone with an active lifestyle.

Tungsten Rings Pros and Cons - As tungsten rings become popular in recent years, more and more people start to learn and focus on them. Tungsten Republic makes a basic knowledge summary of tungsten carbide rings pros and cons for consumers.

Tungsten Carbide Rings Reviews - We like to get a authoritative and impartial reviews about tungsten rings from our customers and internet before you make a big decision.

Tungsten Carbide Rings FAQs - There are some frequent asked questions (FAQs) for tungsten carbide rings and jewelry. Some typical questions are given by Tungsten Republic to help customers.

Tungsten Carbide Vs Titanium - tungsten carbide is four times harder than titanium, Many people think Tungsten carbide and Titanium are very similar metals, but in reality they are actually very different.

Black Tungsten Vs Black Ceramic - Black rings have been steadily increasing in popularity for use as wedding rings. Maybe it’s the beauty of the dark color, maybe it's the mystery or maybe people just plain love how it looks.

Tungsten Vs Cobalt Chrome - Recently, a new metal has joined the alternative metals in vying for wedding fingers of the many soon-to-be-weds: cobalt chrome. And while cobalt rings are very similar to their alternative metal brothers.

Build Your Own Tungsten Ring - Each of our tungsten and ceramic rings can be engraved on the interior and most can be engraved on the exterior with either normal Text font messages or your design unique images or pictures.

How to Clean Tungsten Rings - If the tungsten carbide ring is just picking up some dust fingerprints, you need just use a clean soft cotton cloth to wipe the dust, fingerprints away.

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