Personalized Rings & Wedding Bands in Tungsten, Cobalt, Ceramic, Titanium !

Tungsten Rings and Jewelry Factory Outlet

Tungsten Republic is a large tungsten carbide rings and tungsten jewelry factory online store which integrates designing and manufacturing, offers the largest and most finest selection of tungsten rings on the Internet. At Tungsten Republic, you can build your own personalized tungsten rings, exactly the way you want it. Provide the images, words you need to be engraved, we will do it for you. Our tungsten jewelry contains 85.7% tungsten, which is regarded as European Union Standard. All Tungsten rings and jewelry by Tungsten Republic are known for their strength durability to ensures a lifetime of luster and eye-catching appeal and come wirh beautiful gift box and life time warranty. Besides tungsten rings, wedding bands, Tungsten Republic also offers our customers with amazing wide selection of ceramic rings, titanium rings, cobalt rings, sterling silver, stainless steel rings, men's jewelry, women's top fashion jewelry at competitive price. You are bound to find something that’s unique to you. All of our jewelry is manufactured up to exact specifications and enjoy free shipping, 15-day return policy.

Men's Tungsten Rings

Tungsten men's rings are actually short for tungsten carbide men's rings. As an innovative jewelry in jewelry history, tungsten carbide rings are very dense, extremely hard and virtually impossible to be scratched. They are traditionally not gaudy in design and simple, bold in appearance. All of these make tungsten rings great option for the men who want a piece of modern update jewelry beyond traditional choices.

Though tungsten bands are very popular in men's jewelry, we also have more beautiful and elaborate rings that suits women's taste. Shop Tungsten Women's Rings

Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten carbide bands are quickly gaining popularity as wedding bands as they are extremely hard (next only to diamond on the Mohs hardness scale) and almost permanently scratchproof. Therefore, tungsten wedding bands are really a perfect embodiment of your love and marriage as they can accompany you through your lifetime's most joyous and precious moments. What's more, they are much more affordable than diamond rings.

For those who want matching wedding bands, we also offer various kinds of beautiful tungsten couples rings, which are same or similar in style with different sizes and widths. You can even have your names or other words, patterns engraved to have unique rings.

Ceramic Rings and Jewelry

Unique in appeal and enough strong by design, High-tech ceramic is a lightweight, environmentally friendly material with qualities that will last a lifetime. Ceramic rings & jewelry is also quite malleable in the right craftsman's hands, and as a result can be worked into a vast array of unique styles and almost unlimited in its potential.The choice of ceramic rings is a commitment to long lasting rings with the added benefit of designer-quality style. Choose from one of our many intricate styles and wear your choice of wood or turquoise or tungsten carbide or other metal inlay and or even solitaire stone on tough white or black ceramic bands.

Cobalt Chrome Rings and Jewelry

Cobalt Chrome is an element and its chemical symbol is Co, atomic number is 27 on the periodic table. Cobalt wedding bands and cobalt rings are made primarily of cobalt, but more accurately they can be called Cobalt Chrome wedding bands and Cobalt Chrome Rings. The cobalt chrome alloy used in jewelry is extremely strength. high resistance to scratching, and natural white color just as Platinum. Also, Cobalt jewelry is also quite malleable in the right craftsman's hands, and as a result can be worked into a vast array of unique styles and almost unlimited in its potential!

Tungsten Carbide Guides and Education

Unique in appeal and strong by design, tungsten rings and jewelry are created by durable tungsten carbide with qualities that will last a lifetime. Tungsten carbide is a forged metal that is created from an alloy of 85.7% tungsten and 14.3% Carbon alloyed with other metals.
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