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Tungsten Carbide Rings Reviews

Are you still "up in the air" about your decision. So we like to get a authoritative and impartial reviews about tungsten carbide rings from our customers and internet before you make a big decision.

Tungsten Rings Review

When people buy a gold or platinum ring, the size of the ring can be re-sized as the gold and platinum are easy to adjust if people are not satisfied with it. Unlike other metal, tungsten carbide is almost as hard as diamond. So it is impossible to be re-sized for tungsten rings. People's finger size always changes but the size of tungsten ring cannot be changed.

That is a fly in the ointment. As tungsten carbide is almost as hard as diamond, it is a kind of hard-brittle metal and tungsten rings cannot bend. If the ring falls onto the floor or being hit against by hard objects, it probably breaks. Except for that, the advantages of tungsten band rings cannot be ignored.

Compared with other metal rings, tungsten rings are much cheaper but look as luxury as platinum rings. What’s more, the uniqueness of tungsten bands is scratch resistance. No rings could do it as good as tungsten rings.

Of course, tungsten rings can also be regarded as wedding bands and engagement rings, or a surprise for a special moment. Plus, most tungsten rings are hypoallergenic because they are are cobalt free.

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