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How to Clean Tungsten Rings

How to clean tungsten rings and tungsten rings care

Tungsten carbide is a one of the hardest and most durable material in jewelry industry, so tungsten carbide jewelry like tungsten carbide rings almost can’t be scratched, the only metal in the world that can scratch tungsten jewelry is diamond. These remarkable features makes tungsten rings almost maintenance free and care free. However, your tungsten rings & jewelry may build up dust, dirt, fingerprints or other grime, so you still need to clean it and regain its polish.

tungsten ring and care

Tungsten Rings Care Guides

If the ring is just picking up some dust fingerprints, you need just use a clean soft cotton cloth to wipe the dust, fingerprints away.

If there is dirt, oil, or other grime on your ring, you need to clean it with the mixture of mild dish soap or hand soap and warm water. Please always remember: Never clean your tungsten ring by strong chemicals like bleach, ammonia and so on, as such chemicals will react with tungsten carbide.

The following are steps of how to clean a tungsten ring:

  1. soak your ring in the liquid you have prepared for several minutes.
  2. Use a soft brush to get rid of dirt in the grooves, if your ring is grooved.
  3. Rinse your ring in warm water.
  4. Dry your ring with a soft clean cloth.


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