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Dear, could you please accept this ring and let’s make it up?

I just received my fiance's wedding band via DHL, and I just wanted to say that my fiance and I are so pleased with the tungsten ring I bought from you. I spent a lot of time looking for the general style he liked at a great value and I found it here. The price was a good 60% less than anything comparable that I found locally, and the quality is fabulous. It really is a spectacular ring at a price that will let us afford the wedding and the honeymoon. I appreciate the value and the service you provided, and would recommend you to anyone without reservation. Thanks for helping make a memorable moment for me and my fiance that much more special.

Dear, could you please accept this ring and let’s make it up

Happy Anniversary With Tungsten Rings Sets

I’m Amber Davis, a common housewife and mother of three kids, living in Phelan. Feb 11th is the anniversary for 8 years married and 12 years togetherness of my husband Steph and me. That’s a really long time but we’ve never lost the fun and joy in marriage. This Tungsten Wedding Bands Set makes me happy like a kid as I put on the band. See, how perfect these bands are! Thanks, my babe. Never take it off! My kids look more excited with a big smile. LOL


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I received The Ring and was absolutely amazed at the quality and craftsmanship; it is exactly what I expected it to be and much more.
Laura Schauenbauch,
Seattle, WA

The ring arrived today and it looks great! It is exactly what we were looking for and it fits perfect!
Sheryl and Robin,
Brooklyn, NY

I’m so glad I purchased tungsten carbide wedding ring. It’s really durable, has some weight to it, and it still looks brand new despite 2 years of wear and tear. Tungsten wedding bands are definitely the metal for any man who is even slightly active. Mine is an 8mm tungsten carbide wedding ring with beveled edges. Very stylish, I get a lot of compliments on it!
Bridget Richfield
Yucaipa, CA

My boyfriend loved this tungsten ring, he had to show it off to all his friends. It looks great and fits him well. My only complaint is that the enamel over the carbon fiber got scratched up fast. The metal is still fine with no scratches.
United States

I needed a quick yet affordable men's tungsten wedding ring. This was a fantastic buy. My husband gets compliments on it all of the time.


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