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Cobalt Chrome Education and Guides

What is Cobalt Chrome?

Cobalt Chrome is an element and its chemical symbol is Co, atomic number is 27 on the periodic table. Cobalt has a cute nickname Kobold in German, which means goblin ore because it has not found alone yet in nature. In most instances, cobalt is found in the copper or nickel mining process.

Cobalt chrome, like tungsten carbide, is alloy, which is extremely strong, durable and has many other advantages. Given these features, Cobalt chrome is not only highly scratch resistant but also malleable enough to be applied in various industries, like the aerospace industry, medical devices and mens jewelry industry.

Cobalt Chrome Rings by Tungsten Republic

Cobalt Chrome Jewelry

Cobalt chrome has been used in jewelry for centuries. (PS: mainly use to create cobalt blue pigment). The cobalt alloy used in jewelry is often referred to as "cobalt chrome", which has a white color and high shine, similar to other white metal jewelry like sterling silver, white gold and platinum. And your jewelry will look brand new for years. In addition, you can add stones like diamonds to your ring making cobalt chrome rings perfect for your wedding bands. A cobalt wedding band and is one of the most affordable options and the ideal choice for you.

Why choose cobalt chrome

It can be re-sized. Compared with materials tungsten carbide, titanium and ceramic, cobalt chrome has a certain degree of flexibility and malleability. Cobalt chrome rings can be re-sized is a very important property especially for the wedding bands.

Cobalt chrome VS Tungsten

Cobalt chrome offers a moderate weight, while tungsten is heavier than cobalt chrome. Tungsten is slightly more scratch-resistant than cobalt chrome, but cobalt chrome is more crack-resistant than tungsten.

Cobalt chrome VS Ceramic

Ceramic is much lighter and somewhat less crack-resistant than cobalt chrome.

Cobalt chrome VS White Gold

Cobalt chrome’s natural white color and high shine make them do not need to be re-plated to maintain their silvery look, while white gold needs regular maintenance. Cobalt chrome jewelry can be worn all day, every day without discomfort and color fading.

Cobalt chrome VS Platinum

Platinum products are absolutely luxuries for most of people, though platinum is incredibly rare and scratch-resistant. In contrast cobalt chrome is a more cost-effective alternative and more affordable for people.

How to clean cobalt chrome rings

If the cobalt chrome ring is dirty, for this low maintenance metallic alloy you just need use a clean soft cotton cloth to remove most surface particles or wipe the dust away. It is easily cleaned with mild soap and water.

Other Sources about Cobalt-chrome

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