Facts and Doubts about Tungsten Rings

Tungsten rings are a very competitive alternative to the traditional gold or silver rings. Because of tungsten rings affordable price and high hardness, more and more people are tending to choose them as wedding bands, engagement rings or promise rings. At the same time there are some questions about tungsten material as well. In this article, we will show you some facts and doubt about tungsten rings.

tungsten rings 1

As shown above, due to tungsten is firm but crisp tungsten rings may break falling from the high place to hard floor. Especially the ring with gemstones inlay are easier to break compared with the classic tungsten rings with no stone inlay. Love is strong and love is fragile, you should learn to protect it. Tungsten rings are the same with your cherished love.

 tungsten and ceramic rings

Some customers are puzzled with this situation: wearing the new tungsten rings just a couple of days; they find the ceramic surface comes off. The beautiful rings become really ugly and old. In this case, it is because the ceramic is attached to the tungsten band with glue. The ceramic will come off over time.

When you want to buy the tungsten rings, hope this article can help you to find your perfect and suitable one!

(PS: Our Tungsten Carbide Rings are made up of 85.7% of tungsten carbide, with a few components of materials including tantalum, titanium, niobium and chromium. 857 tungsten carbide rings are stronger and scratch resistant than many other ring, such as gold, silver, titanium and so on.)

Why buy Cobalt Chrome Rings?

Platinum or white gold Color

Cobalt wedding bands (cobalt chrome rings) have color that resembles platinum, or white gold. However as cobalt chrome rings are not plated with rhodium, they are designed to retain their premium white color for life.

Why buy Cobalt Chrome Rings?

Amazing Strength

The cobalt chrome rings we retail are made of the same kind of alloy (aka cobalt chrome) that is used to manufacture jet engines. Cobalt chrome is so strong that it will not bend out of round, as it retains its shape forever.

Shatter Proof

Cobalt chrome wedding rings will never shatter, or crack. Because of the malleable nature of cobalt alloys, our wedding rings are shatter proof.


Our cobalt chrome rings are very safe as the tensile strength makes it nearly impossible to bend our rings out-of-round in an accident of any type, your finger is almost always protected from laceration. Further the ring while significantly harder to cut off it can still be done by jewelers or emergency responders. The jewelers and emergency medical have special cutting tools fitted with replaceable cutting discs for gold, silver, and tungsten carbide, even titanium rings.

Scratch Resistant

Our cobalt chrome wedding rings are scratch resistant. Cobalt chrome is harder than stainless steel, and as such our wedding rings are very hard to scratch. While not 100% scratch proof like our tungsten carbide men’s wedding bands, cobalt chrome is much harder than titanium, platinum, gold, and silver.


The same cobalt chrome used to make our rings is the same material that is used to manufacture precision surgical instruments. As such our wedding bands do not have any harmful substances that could possibly cause an allergic reaction.


Saving the best for last, the prices for our beautiful enduring cobalt chrome rings, are significantly more economical than tungsten carbide, silver, gold, or platinum

For more information for our cobalt chrome ring visit here: http://www.tungstenrepublic.com/cobalt-chrome-rings/cobalt-chrome-rings-c182.html

Do You Custom Engrave Tungsten Carbide Ring?

Do you engrave tungsten carbide rings?

YES – you can custom your tungsten carbide ring by personality request at Tungsten Republic. The engraving fee generally is $20.00. We engrave less than 30 characters (include spaces and letters). Please enter the laser engraving text you would like in interior field of the ring when you order. Because tungsten is one of the world’s strongest metals, special refined laser technique is required to engrave on it. Not only must the machine be able to penetrate the metal, but it must do it in a way that isn’t so deep as to harm the integrity of the ring. Because engraving is permanent and creates a heirloom, we cannot accept returns on engraved items.

The Following Images are Our customers customized engraved tungsten rings:

custom made band in tungsten

You are My Only, custom made ring in black tungsten

custom made matching ring in tungsten carbide


Tungsten Republic’s 24 Hour Shipping Solves Your Urgent Need for Tungsten Rings

Tungsten Republic’s 24 Hour Shipping Solves Your Urgent Need for Tungsten Rings

Normally we customize the rings after our customers place their order according to their needs for size, width and engraving. But sometimes, the time for customizing takes a longer time if the ring is complex to make or our factory is quite busy, and the shipping may be delayed. We understand that many customers buy the rings for very important occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays in the coming days, so we can understand that punctual delivery is very important.TR114_TR233


Therefore, in order to solve this problem, we have stocked some our best selling tungsten rings, ceramic rings and they are directly available from stock and will be shipped within 24 hours (except weekends and holidays) upon payment received.

24 hour shipping 1

The rings in our 24 hour shipping covers most common sizes from US size 6 to size 12 (half sizes included) with standard widths 6mm and 8mm. If you need rings with size less than US 6 or greater than 12 or other widths, or you want to add customized engraving on your ring, we’ll need about 7 – 20 days to process (subject to the ring’s technique and complexity).


24 hour shipping 3


Our tungsten rings and other tungsten jewelry contain 85.7% of tungsten and completely conform to European Union standard TC.857. All Tungsten carbide rings made by Tungsten Republic are known for the strength durability to ensures a lifetime of luster, eye-catching appeal, no allergy, so you can buy with confidence without worry.


2013 First Half Top 5 Best Sell Tungsten Rings at Tungsten Republic

No 1 High Polished Tungsten Carbide Band with Dark Brown Wood Inlay

Stock number: TR5248C


Wood inlaid tungsten rings are a new fashion trend in tungsten rings also one of our best selling styles. They always remind you of the nature and feel fresh. This ring features a dark brown wood stripe acoss the centre of the this no plating  high polished tungsten carbide band. Craft in tungsten carbide that is durable and highly scratch resistant.

No. 2 Fashion & New Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band with Polished Finish

Stock number: TR298


Stylish and beautiful, this is one of our rare rings that perfectly combines two innovative materials in jewelry industry : blue cerammic and tungsten carbide. The blue color of the ceramic and the high polished finish of tungsten carbide complements each other quite well. Excellent choice for those who like blue color and at the same time the wightness og tungsten carbide. Quantity is limited for this ring, first come, first get,do not miss it.



No. 3  8MM Brushed & Polished Tungsten Carbide Band with Shiny Step Edge

Stock number: TR808J

8MM Brushed & Polished Tungsten Carbide Band with Shiny Step Edge TR808J_01

Contemporary and cool in design but not conspicuous as polished tungsten rings, this ring is understatedly handsome with its drop down edges and soft brushed finished in the centre. Crafted in tungsten carbide, it is hard, durable and scratch resistant. Really a perfect choice for your boy friend or husband who like to low-profile in life.



No. 4  Light Fashion Tungsten Ring with Turquoise Inlay

Stock number: TR1537

Light Fashion Tungsten Ring with Turquoise Inlay TR1537_01

Do not miss this tungsten carbide ring with turquoise inlay, which is just in fashion. Featuring a single strip of turquoise surrounded by polished tungsten carbide, this flat style band brings a special look for your jewelry collection. It is crafted in quality tungsten carbide, which can maintain its polish withoutscratching for a lifetime.

No. 5  Couple’s gorgeous tungsten carbide wedding band set with blue goldstone inlay

Stock number: TRJ358-2

Couple’s gorgeous tungsten carbide wedding band set with blue goldstone inlay TRJ358-2_01

This band set is really beautiful and marvelous with its shiny goldstone inlay which looks like blue starry sky and the high polish finish of tungsten carbide. You’ll love them more when you see them with your own eyes. This gorgeous band set a perfect embodiment of your marriage commitment.


Design your own tungsten ring

Custom "Your Are My Only" Black Tungsten Ring

Custom “Your Are My Only” Black Tungsten Ring

Our tungsten carbide rings completely conform to European Union standard TC.857, i.e our tungsten carbide rings contain 85.7% of tungsten.TC.857 ensures a lifetime of luster, eye-catching appeal, no allergy and no scratching. We also could engrave some simple alphabets or patterns to make this ring meaningful according to your personal needs. Design your own tungsten rings now at tungsten republic.


Modern Elite’s Luxury Taste

Many modern elites tend to enjoy fashion. Please check the outfit picture below, a  men’s tungsten ring for gentlemen is one of necessities to accessorize. For their lovers, a classy pair of white ceramic drop earrings and a decent flower fashion ring can match with successful elites.

Modern Elite's Luxury Taste

Modern Elite’s Luxury Taste


You are My Only – Hot Red Wedding Style

“You are my only”, celebrate your wedding and witness your love with these classy tungsten tings. The black plating tungsten band matches your hot red dress perfectly. You can also design your own tungsten wedding ring at tungsten republic.

You are my only - hot red wedding style

You are my only – hot red wedding style

Build Your Own Wedding Band in Tungsten or Ceramic at Tungsten Republic

Wanna have a unique wedding band for your wedding? Your wish can come true at TungstenRepublic.com with our customized laser engraving service, just support for tungsten carbide rings and ceramic rings at present. You can have your name and that of your loved one, imporant digital, date or other special words, patterns you like engraved on the band to last for a lifetime. Take a look at some custom made bands ordered by our customers at the following pictures, you can also have your own wedding band now:



Tungsten band ring is the way to go

I got this tungsten band 3 month ago as a birthday gift to my husband, Nick. When the ring came, he’s so excited! It is heavy, hard and durable. Coincidently, One of my friends said her boyfriend also got a basically a same ring,  just the brushed band is a little wider. One friend of my frined got married and her hubby has the same one too! Is tungsten carbide ring the way to go now?

Alexis drabek's tungten wedding band

Alexis drabek’s tungten wedding band